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Hi everybody! I’ve posted about it before, but I am putting together a dance marathon to raise money for the incredible¬†Cradle Beach Camp¬†(CBC) of Angola, NY. This camp serves children with disabilities, ranging from ADHD and learning disabilities, to more severe disabilities such as autism, Down syndrome, and cerebral palsy. CBC also serves children who are living under the poverty line.

It costs around $1000 to send a child to camp for 10 days, but most families are unable to afford that. Therefore, CBC works on a sliding fee scale based on the family’s income. Whatever they are unable to pay, CBC will. And that’s why I’m having this fundraiser.

All proceeds of this dance marathon will go towards sending these wonderful children to camp, so they can experience the magic of Cradle Beach. But I need your help!

I want as much money as possible to go towards the kids, not the event, so I’m trying to raise money beforehand to go towards food, beverages, and materials for raffle baskets and activities. So please, even if you have only a couple dollars to spare, consider donating to help make this event a success, and to help these children experience all the wonderful benefits summer camp has to offer.

To donate,

click here!

click here!

click here!

click here!

click here!

If you are unable to donate but still want to help, please reblog and spread the the word! The kids deserve this.

Thank you!!

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